Gambling Affiliate: best affiliate programs with offers

Affiliate programs of virtual casinos give an earning opportunity to every webmaster by attracting players to the sites. Remuneration will be paid for gamblers’ registration in the casino, the percentage of deposit or loss. Top casino affiliate programs have a high payments rate and the most effective tools for work. Which affiliate programs are interesting for webmasters?

Advertising online casino is one of the most profitable ways to earn money on the Internet. The website contains a catalogue offers that pay with favourable conditions honestly and adequately.

Affiliate programs are beneficial for everyone:

  • advertisers attract new clients
  • casinos increase the number of players
  • webmasters are rewarded for help in the promotion

To attract and monetize traffic, webmasters don’t need to have a website. Now it is possible to do it with the help of mobile applications, accounts in social networks, contextual advertising, etc.

Which affiliate program is better?

The team of conducted a thorough analysis and compiled a catalogue of affiliate programs in 2020.

Before starting a partnership with a gaming affiliate, a webmaster should pay attention to his web resource and its content, as well as to work out the attendance. That’s how he ensures more traffic and improves his reputation.

High-quality and experienced programs conduct partner moderation during or immediately after registration. They have a certain threshold; to start working with them, you should have at least 50 unique visitors per day.

To choose a suitable partner, you need to pay attention to several criteria by which you can determine the different amount of payments and how comfortable the work will be.

  1. The list of earning affiliate programs on the Internet is enormous. Therefore, first of all, you should pay attention to the feedback of real participants. It is best to study several different resources. Be sure to look at how long the affiliate program exists on the market.
  2. Payments to webmasters in most partner programs are approximately the same. But the amounts that exceed the average cost in two or more times should make you think, because they may be evidence of fraud. Scrutinize all conditions before you start registration.
  3. Frequency and method of payment. The best affiliate programs from the gambling industry have an exact schedule and a particular scheme for calculating rewards. Pay attention to the fact that there should always be a choice of payment systems for withdrawal.
  4. Support service. All the webmaster work tools should be practical and without delays. If you have any questions, please contact the support service of the affiliate program. You can check the efficiency of the support service before you start registration. Just ask them a few questions and assess the quality of the answers.
  5. Informational materials. High-quality affiliate programs of the casino provide a wide range of materials for work and attracting players to gambling sites. Be sure to make sure that all materials do not violate the law and are not aggressive; otherwise, it will affect attendance.
  6. Quality of work of the PP site. A critical point is stability in webmaster’s positions. Evaluate whether the partner’s location and personal cabinet are convenient, whether statistics and additional tools are available. All these details will affect your income one way or another in the future.

Also, when choosing a casino partner, the webmaster needs to analyze its capabilities in terms of traffic. It is best to explore the selected affiliates in advance, study the advertising materials and contact technical support if necessary.

Online casinos conclude contracts with affiliate programs. The list of the best affiliate programs is presented on our website.

Webmaster, after registration in the program, receives all necessary info and materials and provides them to potential players. That is done by placing an advertising banner or client link on your web resource.

After users click on the link and go to the casino site, some of them will remain to play. Thus, the casino site will receive incoming traffic, and the webmaster will be rewarded for the transition and actions of the player, depending on the selected payment model. This principle is quite simple, but webmasters need to try to attract an active target audience and try to keep it.


Comparison of CPA network and direct partner

The best partners can be presented as a separate advertiser, or combine a variety of offers. Recently CPA networks have become much larger, but let’s look at the differences between working with direct affiliate program and CPA.

  1. The number of offers. Almost always, the direct partner promotes only one brand, while the CPA network offers a list of several providers.
  2. When CPA gets its percentage from each conversion, direct affiliate programs offer higher rates, which is due to the lack of commission but is not mandatory.
  3. CPAs are usually more advanced in systems analytics than direct affiliate programs, which provide little or no data for optimization. The best affiliate programs in 2020 always have their tools for obtaining statistics.
  4. Support team. When working with a direct partner, a webmaster can ask a question directly to the advertiser. In CPA networks, this usually happens through an intermediary – network manager, which may not be very convenient and takes more time.

Form of payment to webmasters

Catalogue of affiliate programs, which was collected by the editorial staff of, is presented only by proven brands. All of them have existed for quite a long time and have no delays in payments. Webmasters get good money for actively attracting players. At the moment, there are several payment models.

  1. CPA – Pay affiliate a one-time fee for each deposit made and player registration.
  2. RevShare – Paying a percentage of the player’s loss. Usually, the rate is in the range of 40-60% of the deposit.
  3. Hybrid (CPA + RevShare) – It is a relatively common form of cooperation in the list of the best partner programs. The webmaster receives a fixed payment and a sure 25% to 60% of the amount of his loss. Such earnings are quite large because players are fixed indefinitely.

A good casino affiliate can change from time to time. If the first quarter it works on CPA, then in the future it is possible to switch to the RevShare model. Although many initially prefer a hybrid scheme.

Sources of traffic for gambling partners

Attracting quality traffic is the most challenging thing in the webmaster. There are several sources of traffic for gambling-partners:

  1. Social networks are the best niche for promotion, which enjoy great trust from the audience. It is necessary to use useful and fascinating content so that users repost your materials themselves.
  2. SEO traffic – increase the number of players through search engine output. Optimize your resource, work with reference mass and get a constant flow of target audience.
  3. Mobile traffic – this variant of traffic is continually growing. Optimize your resource for mobile devices, taking into account the needs of the audience.
  4. Contextual advertising – place information materials according to the content of the context page. That will allow to display them only to those users whose interests potentially coincide with the subject.

To pour traffic to a partner, which offers a rating of affiliate programs, you need to use banners, links, rating tables, etc. You can install demo versions of slots, poker, roulette on the sites. That will allow players to go straight to the casino website, register and make a deposit.

How do I earn on an affiliate program?

Whatever the place the program takes, it is necessary to continually improve the quality of advertising resources to attract the target audience. Webmasters should not only look for players but also try to keep them.

We recommend the registration while studying the rating of affiliate programs on our website. You’ll get access to the control panel, which contains all the necessary tools and statistics. CPA network will provide a list to choose a specific offer, which will suit the conditions. By selecting a particular brand, you can move on to the use of available tools.

It would be best if you avoid intrusive offers, which the audience may dislike. The best partner programs in 2020 are categorically against the use of aggressive advertising. Ignoring this rule may be a reason to block an account without being able to withdraw money.

With a severe approach, earnings from affiliate programs can become a significant source of income. Different methods of attracting traffic and studying player behaviour and profit patterns should be used to get a good start.

Let us highlight the main points that are necessary for a webmaster to earn with the help of affiliate programs:

  1. Understanding of target audience. You should be oriented to the needs of the consumer. Think about how to provide relevant and useful information that will help a client find a new online casino.
  2. Accounting for fluctuations in income. It is essential to prepare for the fact that the income from affiliate programs may be uneven.
  3. Collecting statistics. In addition to choosing the best partner, for successful work, you need to analyze every month, track the sources of good traffic and be able to draw the right conclusions.
  4. Update content. Online casinos regularly change domains, create mirrors, update stocks, add new slots and more. Webmasters need to continually check the relevance of the information provided, which directly affects the growth of traffic. PP is ready to pay if the user goes to the official casino website, registers and makes a deposit.


Why is the sphere of gambling interesting?

The best affiliate programs to earn money provide work in a highly competitive and highly profitable niche. The gambling sphere is continually growing, so online casinos add mobile adaptations, VR-halls. Thematic traffic here is quite challenging to get, but it is real.

When working with online casinos, webmaster income does not depend on the season. Also, an engaged player for several years may become a client of the game club. There are no exact deadlines, as everything depends on the probability of winning or losing, depending on the selected payment model.

Among the drawbacks is a high level of competition, as well as a ban on the promotion of gaming subjects through large advertising platforms. A website with such themes is most likely to be blocked by regulatory authorities.


At the moment, affiliate programs of the casino are the most profitable segment in affiliate marketing. Top affiliate programs, which are collected at the site has the highest coefficients. All online casinos have been successfully operating for many years; webmasters only need to attract customers to the game resource for a stable profit.

The scheme of work with a casino partner is quite simple even for a beginner:

  1. The webmaster places information materials on his resource, where he points a link to the site.
  2. After that the user goes to the site, registers, makes a deposit and thus is assigned to the partner.
  3. Several times a month, the program determines the number of attracted active players and pays the reward.
  4. The partners provide all the necessary promotional materials for work: banners, demos, branding, etc.

The best affiliate programs are compiled annually. It is challenging for webmasters to find programs that have a positive reputation and favourable conditions. On our website, you can find the best partner programs in 2020. Getting a top partner means you get viable options with the right conditions for cooperation. Let yourself to choose the right one!