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What Does an Arborist Do?

Taking care of trees requires an excellent amount of knowledge, skill and experience. This is a specialized field that can be quite dangerous, as arborists often climb high into branches to remove dead or dying limbs. In addition, arborists need to be familiar with safety measures around wildlife and poisonous plants. They also need to know how to safely work around power lines.

An arborist’s job is to maintain the health of trees, which can include pruning, treating, installing lightning protection, transplanting, and removing vegetation deemed hazardous to the tree. They can also advise on the types of species to plant and what locations to avoid. They can also help to beautify decorative species.

While most arborists are certified, some have no formal education. They are expected to learn on the job, as well as participate in continuing education programs. This is to ensure that they continue to improve their skills. There are different levels of certification, based on the state or jurisdiction in which they are employed. Some positions, such as arborist utility specialist, may require a higher degree.

Most entry-level jobs are expected to require a high school diploma or GED. Some higher-level positions, such as arborist or conservation scientist, can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree. Some positions can also be obtained with an associate’s degree. These positions may have a different salary range than those that do not require a certification.

In addition to their job duties, arborists need to be physically fit. They must be able to climb and use heavy machinery. They can also face issues with neighboring properties and public safety. In some cases, they can be issued with huge fines for illegally removing or destroying trees.

An arborist’s job involves working with a variety of materials, including power tools, fertilizers, pesticides, and pests. In addition, they may be required to survey the trees for problems, such as fungus, insects, or bats. They can also be responsible for climbing trees to remove or repair limbs that are broken or weakened. In some cases, the arborist will need to remove a stump. Other procedures include removing a root and cutting down a dead limb.

In addition to their job duties, most arborists receive specialized training. They need to learn about safety and climbing procedures. They need to be familiar with how to climb up trees, remove renegade branches, and avoid falling into poisonous plants or power lines. They must also be comfortable with heights and be able to wear protective equipment.

The cost of hiring an arborist may vary. Typically, the average salary is influenced by the type of business. It is important to ask for more than one estimate. In addition, be cautious of the lowest estimate. Depending on the location, an arborist may be required to have a permit to operate.

A professional arborist must undergo a very rigorous qualification process. They must complete an exam, pass a certification test, and take continuing education courses. This is to ensure that they are up to date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.

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